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  • What options are available for pain management?
    Labor is undeniably hard work, and often painful. Not all women experience pain in labor, but most do, so it is important to prepare yourself well in advance. We encourage women to prepare themselves during the pregnancy for the realities of labor. We encourage you to attend our series of Childbirth Education classes, where you will learn to prepare physically and emotionally for the experience of labor. Many other classes are available in the community as well, such as Lamaze, Bradley, Hypnobabies, Hypnobirthing and others. Each class offers a few different ways of preparing women for the experience of childbirth. Prenatal yoga and other exercise and relaxation classes can be very beneficial as well. During labor, we offer a variety of means to help cope with the intensity of labor. We offer freedom of movement, the use of water, both the handheld spray and immersion in a deep tub, massage, emotional support and many other non-pharmaceutical techniques; use of TENS machine, birth ball, music, heating pads, aromatherapy. Pharmaceutical anesthesia and analgesia are not available at the birth center or at a home birth. WE DO NOT OFFER EPIDURALS. Epidural anesthesia is not safe for use outside of a hospital, and we find nearly all women who desire an unmedicated birth within our practice can do so without anesthesia. In case a mom requires or desires an epidural, we will accompany her to the hospital.
  • Why use a Birth Center/Midwife?
    As Licensed Midwives we closely follow the Midwifery Model of Care. This Model of Care is based upon the belief that pregnancy & birth are normal life processes. Midwives are there to monitor the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle. Midwives provide families with individualized education, counseling, comprehensive prenatal care, continuous & hands on support during labor and birth, and quality postpartum support. The midwives at Baby Catcher Birth Center are Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) who are licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. During the antepartum period, time is taken to build up relationships between the midwife and the clients enabling the midwife to give the best care specific to each woman’s needs and wishes. This type of personalized care minimizes the need for technological interventions. The care and respect that a midwife has for her clients is evident in how she practices. She takes the time to listen and expresses genuine interest in the well-being of each family that she helps. Over the course of the pregnancy, the client-midwife relationship becomes one of trust and mutual respect. The midwife uses education and evidence based care to empower her clients, and encourages personal responsibility in informed decision making. Licensed Midwives are experts in the care of uncomplicated pregnancy and birth. We are highly-skilled at caring for women in the birth center environment, where healthy women experiencing normal pregnancies can safely deliver with far less technology and intervention than is needed in the hospital for women with risk factors complicating their pregnancies. Our Licensed Midwives provide continuous support during labor and birth. Studies have shown that continuous labor support decreases the need for epidural anesthesia, medical interventions and cesarean sections. Licensed Midwives typically spend three times longer with their clients than do physicians. This allows ample time for developing the relationship most women desire with their health care-provider. The partnership that unfolds with our midwives will help you to stay healthy throughout pregnancy.
  • Is it safe?
    Research has shown that planned, out of hospital birth with a Registered, Licensed or Certified midwife leads to fewer interventions and complications for both the mother and the baby. The chances of you having a cesarean section are greatly reduced. Your baby will not suffer the trauma of vacuum or forcep extraction and will not be subjected to unnecessary testing or examination. Studies have demonstrated that confinement to bed, continuous fetal monitoring, breaking of waters, induction, routine use of Pitocin and routine use of epidurals all combine to form a ‘cascade of intervention’ and lead to the majority of childbirth complications. Avoiding these unnecessary interventions will aid you to a safe, uncomplicated birth. Nationally the transfer to hospital rate is 10-12% and the C/S rate is 5-6%. Maternal and newborn injury statistics are significantly less for Birth Center/home births. The Canadian Medical Association recently published a study showing that neonatal mortality is less with midwife attended out of hospital birth than with a physician or midwife attended hospital birth. Research has also shown that out of hospital births with a midwife is just as safe as a conventional hospital birth, with a far lower rate of complication.
  • Do I need to see a doctor at all?
    Yes – all your care will be provided within the Birth Center and by our midwives, however, an initial OB visit and lab work is required. Any further labs and ultrasounds can be order by the midwife. We are able to arrange standard prescription (i.e. for UTI) via our consulting OB/GYN. If, at any time during the pregnancy, anything arises that is not within our scope of practice, we will arrange for you to have an appointment with our consulting OB/GYN who will evaluate your ability to continue with low risk midwifery care. By our state laws, you are not required to continue care with your OB once you are in our care or have them as backup for midwifery care.
  • How do I begin my care with Baby Catcher Birth Center and when should I start?
    Call the Center, (337-484-3336) to arrange for a free, no obligation, consultation. You will take a tour of the birth center, have our services explained and meet with the midwife to assess your ‘risk’ status. You and your partner will be given the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. If you have already had care with another provider we will arrange to have your records faxed over to us for review. Prenatal care should begin as soon as possible, we prefer anytime in the 1st trimester. Early prenatal care enables you to get a head start on nutritional/exercise information and the easing of common prenatal discomforts. Additionally, the longer you are in the care of your midwives, the better the depth of your relationship and trust will be. We do however accept late transfers who have maintained a low risk pregnancy and are good candidates for an out-of-hospital birth.
  • What do you do if there are complications or an emergency?
    Healthy women who experience healthy pregnancies will generally stay healthy and have normal, uncomplicated births. Most complications are not emergencies and will have clear warning signs ahead of time. Midwives are experts in the pregnancy and birth process. We are able to recognize slight deviations from normal, and usually get them back on track with minimal intervention. In the event of any unforeseen complication we have emergency medical equipment readily available for use such as; IVs, oxygen, hemorrhage medication, and resuscitation equipment. Our entire team is fully trained in all emergency scenarios including CPR and neonatal resuscitation. If a complication does not resolve, we will transfer the mom or baby's care to a hospital provider, in pregnancy, labor, or postpartum. In the case of a true emergency, we are qualified to stabilize mom or baby while the Emergency Medical Service is called and we transport by ambulance. We are located less than 2 miles from the nearest hospital.
  • Do you take VBACs (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section)?
    Because of Midwifery laws set by Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, we are not allowed to attend VBACs out of hospital.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Yes, we accept most insurance plans including health sharing companies. We can bill most major private insurance companies at an out-of- network rate: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Humana. We do not accept Medicaid at this time. We have a very affordable cash pay fee and payment plans. Contact us today to determine your financial responsibility and options available to you. We are now in-network with Cigna and United Healthcare! Feel free to get started with our biller and get your benefits verified for free One more thing, we work with United Credit as a financing option. They offered an extended time frame to make payments. You can apply with them here
  • What about Birth Certificate and Social Security Number?
    We file the Birth Certificate and SSN with the state for you.
  • Do you offer water births?
    Yes, A Water birth can be an incredible addition to the relaxation and peace of a labor or birth. Filling a tub and lowering the lights brings a calm to a mother’s birth space almost instantaneously. She can then use the warmth of the water and it’s buoyancy to support and comfort her through each contraction that brings her closer to meeting her baby. The midwives and support staff of Baby Catcher Birth Center are well trained in the safety and risk of water birth and are very comfortable with facilitating most labors and or births in water.
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